Month: July 2017

Gig Review: Vancouver Sleep Clinic


About a month ago, I saw Vancouver Sleep Clinic perform at Jack Rabbit Slims. It had me feeling all the feels, and making solemn vows to go to more gigs.


VSC’s sound is very dreamscape-esque, like the neither here nor there drifting cloud place you go to when you meditate, or that place between wakefulness and slumber after a long day. Songs like Someone to Stay are the kind of lullaby that pulls your heart strings to make you feel that inner sense of peace and hope that everything will be okay. The lyrics to Someone to Stay serve as an acknowledgment that we are all human, and have this shared need to be shown love, the shared need to have someone to hold, this share need to have “someone to stay”. I think that is a powerful and soul affirming sentiment.


Stuck On My Spotify: Olympic Sneakers by Heaps Good Friends

I thought my blog needed a place where I could talk about what I am listening to and write about upcoming Aussie artists that the world outside of our large-small island nation deserves to know about! We no longer have CD players that get stuck, but songs still get stuck in our heads, or at least in our Spotify playlists. One song that has been in high rotation on my listening agenda is this jam from self-described ‘dance pop’ duo who have ‘txt msg lyrics’ –  Heaps Good Friends. The song is called Olympic Sneakers. Listen on Spotify here.

For some reason, the vocals strongly remind me of early San Cisco, but they are expressed in a little bit less happy-go-lucky manner. Like a slightly more grown up San Cisco? That has moved from naive ‘we-spend-too-much-time-together’ early teen puppy love to, ‘are-we-even-dating’ young adult romance. It also kind of reminds me of hey did I do you wrong but is a bit less apologetic…

I feel the song vocalises the confusion felt by many young people these days. You know when you are kind of seeing someone but not really and it starts to feel a bit shit and you sort of wanna break up with the person but you aren’t sure if you can because it’s a bit iffy about what you mean to that person, and even more iffy what they mean to you.

How do you break up with someone you were never really dating? I would suggest you run, run, run like you wear Olympic sneakers.


Bamboozling beauty products

You know the girl. The beauty queen. She is the one with the perfectly winged eyeliner and the dewy skin and who knows what contouring is. It takes her three hours to get ready – but when she does she looks the same IRL as she does on her Instagram. You cannot confirm whether she wears fake eyelashes because you never see her without them… She always looks flawless and she always wins homecoming queen.

Am I that girl? NOPE. the complete opposite in fact. If you came to this blog looking for beauty recommendations, you are in the wrong place. Go back to Instagram. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $20.

Until I was a young adult – well okay realistically until I was 22 – my idea of a night time look was basically bulk body glitter and my daytime look was BB cream and filling in my eyebrows. (more…)

The Intern

So you want to be an intern huh? Welcome to a world where your semi-designer handbag and high heels and your $4 takeaway coffee (in a keep cup of course!)  from a hipster café suggest you have a real job. However, your bank statement and non-existent paycheck suggest otherwise…


Internships feel like you’re 16 again; you’re not old enough to sit with the adults but not young enough to sit at the kid’s table. You’re at a point where you’ve learned a lot through your education but haven’t quite made it into the professional realm just yet. It’s a weird in-between.” Janine Chapter Friday intern