Hello! Welcome to my wacky little spot of the world wide web. My name is M and somehow or other you have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet, and I thought I would break the ice by introducing myself!

I recently graduated from Uni, with a double degree in Arts (Media Studies) and Law. I am kind of in that limbo between finishing uni and getting a real job (whatever that is) and found myself with some spare time to finally do what I have meant to do for a long time – start my own blog! It may take me a while to find my niche, so pls be patient with me the internet and don’t roast me too badly just yet.

I like books you can’t put down, terrible puns and people who give a shit about the planet and others. I dislike mushrooms, elevators and people who dine in at cafés with single use coffee cups. You can expect me to blog about my borderline OCD recycling habits, my musings on what Netflix shows say about our society and the best podcasts to pod-castinate to. Please make yourself at home and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself!

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