I had suspected it for a while. I choose to ignore it, averting my eyes from the feet of others. For the last couple of years, I have observed teenage girls replacing their stan smiths for Birkenstocks to pair with their mom jeans… I had even been reported incidences of women breaking the cardinal rule. Yes, they were wearing socks and sandals… not just ANY sandal though. SOCKS AND BIRKENSTOCKS. In denial, I brushed off these sightings, writing them off as spooky coincidences of misguided fashion.  Or a weird AF fad like Topshop’s see-through Jeans. I told myself it was just kids trying to be ironic. However, I can confirm that now the count is in – Birkenstocks are in Vogue (literally, in Vogue). 242 years after the first Birkenstock was created, they appeared on the runway at Paris fashion week. I guess if something is around for long enough it eventually becomes cool?

Yesterday’s spring/summer ’18 collection presentation in Paris. #Birkenstock #PFW

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I suppose they are still cuter than crocs? 

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