So the other day I realised that I have not read (many) books in a couple of years? Basically, since I started law school. I mean when your textbooks cost like $500 and you have to read 63-page dissenting judgements every second week, you don’t exactly feel like coming home and curling up with a book for fun do you? Or maybe some people do… but I never did.
As a child, I would read a whole novel in one night with a camping head torch under my covers. In hindsight, this is probably why I need to wear such thick reading glasses as an adult. I did have a Kindle for a while. I somehow managed to sit on my Kindle. The screen went all glitchy and funky. So I sadly had to lay it to rest with some of my parent’s hardbacks on a dusty bookshelf. I finished most of Scott Fitzgerald’s books, and few Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk novels. But that is basically the extent of my reading of fiction in the last six or so years. My younger bookworm, under-the-covers reading self would undoubtedly be most disappointed in me.