lavlaundrylovin_Social Media Art 3

I have a confession… hand washing is my most hated household chore. I generally leave my hand washing until I have nothing office-ish to wear to work. Then I resent every minute I spend wading in a bathtub knee deep in a month’s worth of stupid ‘hand wash only’ garments.  Garments that would never look the same if I chucked them in the machine along with my gym clothes and my boyfriends 7287292792 pairs of socks.  I lament my childhood days when mother dearest was kind enough to do my washing for me. Hand washing clothes is certainly in my top 5 most hated realities of adult life.  Closely followed by remembering to take the rubbish out and paying extortionate phone bills. I have come to the conclusion, that much like high heels, hand wash only clothes are a low-key (and perhaps voluntary) form of female oppression.

BUT never fear fellow hand wash haters! I have found a small saving grace amongst the never-ending tower of the hand washing amassing on your bedroom floor. It turns out hand washing is not so bad when your laundry detergent smells like a French lavender field. (more…)