Lavender Laundry Lovin’

lavlaundrylovin_Social Media Art 3

I have a confession… hand washing is my most hated household chore. I generally leave my hand washing until I have nothing office-ish to wear to work. Then I resent every minute I spend wading in a bathtub knee deep in a month’s worth of stupid ‘hand wash only’ garments.  Garments that would never look the same if I chucked them in the machine along with my gym clothes and my boyfriends 7287292792 pairs of socks.  I lament my childhood days when mother dearest was kind enough to do my washing for me. Hand washing clothes is certainly in my top 5 most hated realities of adult life.  Closely followed by remembering to take the rubbish out and paying extortionate phone bills. I have come to the conclusion, that much like high heels, hand wash only clothes are a low-key (and perhaps voluntary) form of female oppression.

BUT never fear fellow hand wash haters! I have found a small saving grace amongst the never-ending tower of the hand washing amassing on your bedroom floor. It turns out hand washing is not so bad when your laundry detergent smells like a French lavender field. (more…)

Sweet Potato v World

This week in the war between common sense and large supermarket PR spin…  Woolies try and justify their absurd plastic packaging of sweet potatoes as coming down to food safety standards. Despite the fact they also sell loose potatoes?

Now first… in regards to the packaging itself… I really do not understand why this is a thing. Fullstop.  Why does our society feel the need to wrap several sweet potatoes in two or more layer of plastic based packaging?????? What possess members of our society to buy these potatoes??????? (more…)

Fast fash feels


The more podcasts I listen to, people I talk to and doccos and news articles I consume the more aware I become the extent to which fast fashion is utterly inconsistent with social and environmental justice. Yet still en masse we buy into massive fashion houses with 10 or more microseasons a year and who have little respect for human rights or the people that make the clothes (and the profit) for them.

I think it’s time we thought harder about who made our clothes, why you can buy a t-shirt for 5 dollars and what the real cost of fast fashion is for other people and the planet.

What does it does it really say about you or me as a human being as well? How can you say you care about the environment and other people but you are also willing to compromise other’s human rights and indeed the future of the planet all for the sake of a new outfit? (more…)