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The Intern

So you want to be an intern huh? Welcome to a world where your semi-designer handbag and high heels and your $4 takeaway coffee (in a keep cup of course!)  from a hipster café suggest you have a real job. However, your bank statement and non-existent paycheck suggest otherwise…


Internships feel like you’re 16 again; you’re not old enough to sit with the adults but not young enough to sit at the kid’s table. You’re at a point where you’ve learned a lot through your education but haven’t quite made it into the professional realm just yet. It’s a weird in-between.” Janine Chapter Friday intern


Does It Offend You Yeah?: Research into the impact Endometriosis has on men.

People are really mad about the fact that Sydney University has approved a Masters student’s proposal to conduct research into the impact that endometriosis has on male partner’s sex life. While I can understand where the extreme feminist critique of this choice in research topic is coming from  (read the ‘I’m outraged opinion piece’ in the Guardian here), I do not find the argument that this topic should not be researched compelling.


Behind every #girlboss is….

Let’s Talk About


Sophia Marlowe, Girlboss’ leading lady is sassy, successful and stylish. She is a woman who is not afraid to go after what she wants, or to tell someone to f*** off when need be. Of course, the makers of the show needed to give her life a sit-com like melodramatic and at times downright malicious streak. No one wants to watch a television show, or buy clothes from an eBay site for that matter called ‘Nice Girl’.  (*!!SPOILER ALERT!!*)