25 and you are just like me…

Go do yourself a favour and listen to the song Replica from the XX‘s new album ‘I see you’. It will have you feeling all the feels. For me, the XX conjures up long ago times, with now forgotten friendships that did not last the trials of our later teenage years. I remember the song VCR that we played on repeat at a sweet sixteen sleepover. I think we had acquired a few beers from somewhere, they were warm, we passed them around the circle playing truth or dare and fessing up to who we had kissed the last time spin the bottle was played at a gathering.  The stars shined bright, and we were mainly just tipsy on youth as we frolicked in the moonlight at the local playground. We watched the sunrise at the river, the dewy early morning rays reflecting on this song was our anthem. I like to think that Replica and the other songs on ‘I see you’ have matured concurrently with the XX and their listeners. I am always amazed by music’s power to take you back to times all but forgotten. One song on an album may flow on to an other, and each album flows on from the next, in a natural progression of music style and time. But listening to a new song, from a band that you liked when you were growing up, can simultaneously make you feel nostalgic for the past, and in some ways repeat your experience of it and allows you to reimagine or reinterpret the past, looking forward to the future, and anticipating the band’s next release. Maybe it is human nature to be stuck on repeat.

I am too tired to work out how to embed the youtube video but click here to listen.


image via tumblr (lyrics from the replica by the XX)