Can you birken-not?

I had suspected it for a while. I choose to ignore it, averting my eyes from the feet of others. For the last couple of years, I have observed teenage girls replacing their stan smiths for Birkenstocks to pair with their mom jeans… I had even been reported incidences of women breaking the cardinal rule. Yes, they were wearing socks and sandals… not just ANY sandal though. SOCKS AND BIRKENSTOCKS. In denial, I brushed off these sightings, writing them off as spooky coincidences of misguided fashion.  Or a weird AF fad like Topshop’s see-through Jeans. I told myself it was just kids trying to be ironic. However, I can confirm that now the count is in – Birkenstocks are in Vogue (literally, in Vogue). 242 years after the first Birkenstock was created, they appeared on the runway at Paris fashion week. I guess if something is around for long enough it eventually becomes cool?

Yesterday’s spring/summer ’18 collection presentation in Paris. #Birkenstock #PFW

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I suppose they are still cuter than crocs? 

Worry Less and Read More

So the other day I realised that I have not read (many) books in a couple of years? Basically, since I started law school. I mean when your textbooks cost like $500 and you have to read 63-page dissenting judgements every second week, you don’t exactly feel like coming home and curling up with a book for fun do you? Or maybe some people do… but I never did.
As a child, I would read a whole novel in one night with a camping head torch under my covers. In hindsight, this is probably why I need to wear such thick reading glasses as an adult. I did have a Kindle for a while. I somehow managed to sit on my Kindle. The screen went all glitchy and funky. So I sadly had to lay it to rest with some of my parent’s hardbacks on a dusty bookshelf. I finished most of Scott Fitzgerald’s books, and few Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk novels. But that is basically the extent of my reading of fiction in the last six or so years. My younger bookworm, under-the-covers reading self would undoubtedly be most disappointed in me.


Sweet Potato v World

This week in the war between common sense and large supermarket PR spin…  Woolies try and justify their absurd plastic packaging of sweet potatoes as coming down to food safety standards. Despite the fact they also sell loose potatoes?

Now first… in regards to the packaging itself… I really do not understand why this is a thing. Fullstop.  Why does our society feel the need to wrap several sweet potatoes in two or more layer of plastic based packaging?????? What possess members of our society to buy these potatoes??????? (more…)