About a month ago, I saw Vancouver Sleep Clinic perform at Jack Rabbit Slims. It had me feeling all the feels, and making solemn vows to go to more gigs.


VSC’s sound is very dreamscape-esque, like the neither here nor there drifting cloud place you go to when you meditate, or that place between wakefulness and slumber after a long day. Songs like Someone to Stay are the kind of lullaby that pulls your heart strings to make you feel that inner sense of peace and hope that everything will be okay. The lyrics to Someone to Stay serve as an acknowledgment that we are all human, and have this shared need to be shown love, the shared need to have someone to hold, this share need to have “someone to stay”. I think that is a powerful and soul affirming sentiment.

 I remember catching one of my girl friends and fellow gig goers eye and exchanging knowing as we swayed to the music, enthralled and captivated by the overpowering zen vibes. This feeling is why, in the era of fast access to infinite music, we come out of our winter hibernation to see live music. There was a sense of connect between the listeners that you do not often get at a nightclub and by no means guaranteed at a live music venue.


Then there are songs like Empire, that are less chill but entice their listening in with a heightened sense of urgency. To me, Empire seems to have a hip-hop influence it’s more commanding vocals and breaks. This is perhaps not surprising when you consider that VSC has a Revival Tour playlist described as ‘a bunch of sick songs that we’ve been jamming in the van’, and included is some Kayne and Drake. It is often fascinating to see the influence of songs that a band listen to on tour in their performance, and I could deffs sense some inner Drake-iness in Empires performance. I’m not afraid, afraid, afraid, afraid, the song echoes. Somehow despite it’s darker more hip hop influence, it is still uplifting.


The visuals were also breathtaking the kind that gives you spine tingles – but weren’t so psychedelic that they detracted from the audio.  Some of them were more chilling – skulls, bones, decayed things while some were more fun – giant jelly snakes, rainbow kaleidoscope colours. Please enjoy some shitty iPhone photos below, and make sure you give VSC a listen on Spotify or your music listening platform of choice. Certainly a live performance you should experience for yourself if you get the opportunity. Best $25 I have spent in a long while.




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