WordPress it’s been a while. Crazy to think I started this blog nearly a year ago. I’ve shared some thoughts, and some cool things. It hasn’t developed its own niche yet. In my first year of blog parenthood I wasn’t an expemlary blog parent – too much going on, spending too much time being a good little law grad and doing my hours and grad diploma and reading case law. But hey it’s kind of neat to have a space where I can share things when I need. And now I’ve almost definitively decided laws cool and all but I don’t think I wanna be the next Elle woods you may find me here to pass the time in the coming months of near to mothness. 

In a stroke of bad luck #girlwithnojob the start of my job search stated with my laptop breaking. I’m starting my job search but it’s a big bad world of entry level jobs requiring 5 years experience, insane selection criteria and b*llsh*t strategic testing that research has literally proven does not predict job performance….. so right now I am embracing a life of ???????? 

Bc I don’t have a laptop or access to my adobe applications expect a sorta gonzo style of blog for a little while. No fancy graphics or high tech java plugins here just rants of an over educated under employed person. But hey, after a while every blog, and hopefully every person usually finds their niche. 

Having no money means it’s tricky when a friends bday comes up and you want to buy them something but you are poor. A few months ago I propagated the aloe Vera plant in my garden. I think I actually accidentally killed the mother aloe 😕 but the pup has now grown up on my windowsill in a disposable coffee cup (I despise disposable coffee cups and for me it’s keep cup or no cup, but a friend gave me coffee for freeeee and I felt too rude to refuse so found a way to reuse!🙏🌎) 

Please ignore the photo of my v basic white girl Acai bowl brekkie. But essentially I used the coffee cup as a little planter for my aloe pup. I pricked some holes in the bottom and used the lid to catch the gross leaking water 💦 now like a month later my pup had two pups of its own! So I picked up some cheap pots from target and wrapped a little piece of ribbon 🎀 around the pot and gave my friend a new plant friend as a gift. 💝 

I shall continue to update this blog with the misadventures and projects I take up in this period of unemployed and enforced laptop detox. Who knows maybe Blue Catcus Blog will finally find its niche? 

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