The Intern

So you want to be an intern huh? Welcome to a world where your semi-designer handbag and high heels and your $4 takeaway coffee (in a keep cup of course!)  from a hipster café suggest you have a real job. However, your bank statement and non-existent paycheck suggest otherwise…


Internships feel like you’re 16 again; you’re not old enough to sit with the adults but not young enough to sit at the kid’s table. You’re at a point where you’ve learned a lot through your education but haven’t quite made it into the professional realm just yet. It’s a weird in-between.” Janine Chapter Friday intern


Office Envy: 3 Cool Co-working Spaces

I spent a very productive afternoon (not really) in my own rather dreary office wondering how much more productive I may be if my workspace was a super chic co-working space…. I then stumbled across the co-working tag on super hip architecture and design website De Zeen. Now I have serious office envy!


Does It Offend You Yeah?: Research into the impact Endometriosis has on men.

People are really mad about the fact that Sydney University has approved a Masters student’s proposal to conduct research into the impact that endometriosis has on male partner’s sex life. While I can understand where the extreme feminist critique of this choice in research topic is coming from  (read the ‘I’m outraged opinion piece’ in the Guardian here), I do not find the argument that this topic should not be researched compelling.


Chats With: Elizabeth Illing of Project Stopshop

BCB was lucky enough to get an opportunity to have chat with Elizabeth Illing who is the creator of Project StopShop, a visual exploration of fast fashion consumption.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 2.36.37 pm

Elizabeth Illing is a 23-year-old and a recent graduate of the University of Creative Arts in Epsom, the United Kingdom. The final project of her Fashion Promotion and Imaging degree – Project Stopshop has caught many an eye on Instagram. In particular, her ‘value labels’ have drawn attention to Project Stopshop. These are clothing labels featuring quotes from fast fashion shoppers that are a witty, frank insight into the fast fashion consumer psyche. My personal favourites are “I probably won’t wear this dress again because it’s already on my Instagram” and “I know what day Zara updates their website”.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 2.39.17 pmScreen Shot 2017-06-12 at 2.42.02 pm

Project Stopshop is a visual exploration of fast fashion consumption. It involves self-reflection on Elizabeth’s own wardrobe – where the clothes that inhabit it come from and what she wears and how often, as well as wardrobe surveys of her flatmate’s and friend’s wardrobes. Combined together these multi-media works provoke us to think a little more about the cost our shopping habits may have to ourselves, our wallet and the world around us. Elizabeth’s work encourages us to be self-reflexive and think about what it means when a t-shirt only costs $10 and about how many time we actually wear each garment in our overflowing wardrobes/floordrobes.

BCB had a chat to Elizabeth about her creative practice, her thoughts on fast fashion consumption and how we might go about increasing the demand for ethical clothing. The below interview is punctuated with samples of Elizabeth’s work.


Lavender Laundry Lovin’

lavlaundrylovin_Social Media Art 3

I have a confession… hand washing is my most hated household chore. I generally leave my hand washing until I have nothing office-ish to wear to work. Then I resent every minute I spend wading in a bathtub knee deep in a month’s worth of stupid ‘hand wash only’ garments.  Garments that would never look the same if I chucked them in the machine along with my gym clothes and my boyfriends 7287292792 pairs of socks.  I lament my childhood days when mother dearest was kind enough to do my washing for me. Hand washing clothes is certainly in my top 5 most hated realities of adult life.  Closely followed by remembering to take the rubbish out and paying extortionate phone bills. I have come to the conclusion, that much like high heels, hand wash only clothes are a low-key (and perhaps voluntary) form of female oppression.

BUT never fear fellow hand wash haters! I have found a small saving grace amongst the never-ending tower of the hand washing amassing on your bedroom floor. It turns out hand washing is not so bad when your laundry detergent smells like a French lavender field. (more…)

Worry Less and Read More

So the other day I realised that I have not read (many) books in a couple of years? Basically, since I started law school. I mean when your textbooks cost like $500 and you have to read 63-page dissenting judgements every second week, you don’t exactly feel like coming home and curling up with a book for fun do you? Or maybe some people do… but I never did.
As a child, I would read a whole novel in one night with a camping head torch under my covers. In hindsight, this is probably why I need to wear such thick reading glasses as an adult. I did have a Kindle for a while. I somehow managed to sit on my Kindle. The screen went all glitchy and funky. So I sadly had to lay it to rest with some of my parent’s hardbacks on a dusty bookshelf. I finished most of Scott Fitzgerald’s books, and few Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk novels. But that is basically the extent of my reading of fiction in the last six or so years. My younger bookworm, under-the-covers reading self would undoubtedly be most disappointed in me.


Podcast-ination #1: Healthy or Hoax


Since finishing university I have become a bit of a podcast enthusiast. Whenever I find one worth listening to I will share it on my blog -as part of my brand new podcast-ination series. So stay tuned for some awesome, informative and humorous podcasts to keep you entertained on your daily commute! (more…)

Sweet Potato v World

This week in the war between common sense and large supermarket PR spin…  Woolies try and justify their absurd plastic packaging of sweet potatoes as coming down to food safety standards. Despite the fact they also sell loose potatoes?

Now first… in regards to the packaging itself… I really do not understand why this is a thing. Fullstop.  Why does our society feel the need to wrap several sweet potatoes in two or more layer of plastic based packaging?????? What possess members of our society to buy these potatoes??????? (more…)

Fast fash feels


The more podcasts I listen to, people I talk to and doccos and news articles I consume the more aware I become the extent to which fast fashion is utterly inconsistent with social and environmental justice. Yet still en masse we buy into massive fashion houses with 10 or more microseasons a year and who have little respect for human rights or the people that make the clothes (and the profit) for them.

I think it’s time we thought harder about who made our clothes, why you can buy a t-shirt for 5 dollars and what the real cost of fast fashion is for other people and the planet.

What does it does it really say about you or me as a human being as well? How can you say you care about the environment and other people but you are also willing to compromise other’s human rights and indeed the future of the planet all for the sake of a new outfit? (more…)